I am over 30, can I still use your services?

No. The Red Door is an adolescent Health and Support Centre; the mandated age to whom we provide our services to is 13-30.

Are Birth Control pills free?

We offer reduced cost Birth Control polls for $10 per pack. If you are unable to pay at that time, we will not turn you away. We accept cash only for Birth Control payments.

Do I need a Doctors’ appointment for a Birth Control prescription?

Yes. You need an appointment for Birth Control prescriptions. Our Nurses are able to give a two-month supply but client will have to see a doctor for follow up and prescription.

How old do I have to be to start taking Birth Control?

The Red Door’s mandated age range is 13-30 years of age. If you are in that age cohort you are eligible to start Birth Control under the direction of our doctors and nurses.

Do you insert or remove IUDs?

Not on site. But we counsel, prescribe and can refer for rapid access as one of our clinicians is a RAICE member. (see: Rapid Access IUC Centres of Excellence)

Do I need a Doctor’s appointment for STI tests?

No. This can be done during walk-in hours with our nurse. Test results can take up to a week.

Do you carry the morning after pill?


Are referrals needed to see a Doctor?

No. Referrals are not needed to see one of our doctors.

Is pregnancy testing done on site?

Yes. You can come in during walk-in hours to do a self-administered pregnancy test.

Are pregnancy terminations done at the Red Door?

In Nova Scotia this service is done in hospital (surgical) or at home (medical) as prescribed by a physician or nurse practitioner. We offer unbiased support, options counselling and referrals based on your needs. Because this is a time-sensitive matter, we encourage clients to call us or self-refer via the province-wide Women’s Choice Clinic by calling 1-833-352-0719 (Mon-Fri from 8am to 3pm).

When do I need to get a pap test done?

Pap tests are done for clients over the age of 25, according to the NS Cervical Cancer Screening Practice Guidelines for 2019, and are recommended every three years if you’ve had normal results in the past.

What do I need to bring to the Red Door?

To see a nurse or doctor you will need to bring in your health card. Upon your first visit, you will be assigned a confidential Red Door number and file to protect your identity. Health card numbers are needed for specific procedures and doctors billing. Otherwise, your Red Door number is used as your identification.

Will my mother/father/guardian find out I came to the Red Door?

We aim to provide confidential services to all our clients. During your intake we will ask for a confidential contact number. We do not send anything to a client’s family doctor without the client’s consent.

Is blood work collected at the Red Door?

Our nurse can draw blood for STI testing when necessary, but all other blood work is done at the hospital. However, we can give requisitions for blood work.

Do you do testosterone shots?

Yes, our nurse provides this service and teaches self injections.

Do you prescribe hormones for transitioning?

Yes. After consultation with our doctors they can prescribe Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Do I need a letter of readiness for hormones?

If you have your letter of readiness, after meeting with the doctor you are able to proceed with Hormone Replacement Therapy. If you do not have your letter of readiness the attending physician will determine the course of care.