Who We Are

Meet Our Administrative Assistant

Erin Eavis
I graduated from Saint Mary’s University in 2006 with my BA in psychology and have spent the last 10 plus years working in various sectors of community service and non for profit organizations. Originally from Halifax, I moved to Kentville in 2014, and I have two small children who keep me very busy.
I am the face you see when you first walk into the Red Door and I pride myself in making it a warm and welcoming place for all.  I am so proud be part of the team here at the Red Door!

Meet Our Nurses

Michelle Maillet (Allen) 
I was born and raised on the beautiful French Acadian shore. 
I moved to this area in 2002 and love the diversity the valley has to offer. 
My leisure time is spent at baseball fields in the summer and rinks in the winter months cheering for my son. I also enjoy having breakfast dates with my stepdaughter. 
I have 30 years nursing experience in various fields, but most recently in acute care mental health and doing casual relief at the red door. 
I feel passionate about empowering youth in making informed choices and supporting them with their decisions in self directed care.

Elaine Lightfoot 
I have been nursing in the Annapolis Valley for the last 45 years in the acute care system.  During that time I worked at the Blanchard Fraser Memorial and Valley Regional Hospitals.  After my official retirement I began working at the office of Dr. Grant and Mullen and for the past 5 years I’ve been working at the Red Door. 
I am privileged to work with the Red Door and believe it is imperative the ensure the health of our youth within the Annapolis Valley.  The Red Door provides a safe and confidential place to come to when people have questions or concerns about heir physical or mental health and I am proud to work there.

Meet Our Doctors

Christa Mindrum, MD, CCFP

I am a family physician and have been serving the Red Door since January 2013.  Originally a Newfoundlander, I graduated from Memorial Medical School in 2003.  I’m a mom to three little kids, one big dog, one bearded dragon, and fish (population varies)!  I am an advocate for LGBTQ youth and improved response to sexualized violence. I love my work at the Red Door!

Dr. Drea Mossman

Dr. Mossman has been involved with The Red Door over the years as a youth board member, program coordinator, and medical doctor. She is passionate about providing compassionate and non-judgemental care, especially in the areas of sexual health, mental health, addictions, gender identity, and sexual orientation.  A CPATH member, she received WPATH training in 2015 (Halifax, NS), and has been providing trans-affirming health care at the Red Door and through her family medicine practice for over 7 years.  When she’s not in clinic, you’ll find her working her dogs on the agility field, or curled up with a good book.

Dr. Lindsay Millar

Dr. Millar completed medical school at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine and went on to do her residency in Family Medicine through Dalhousie’s Annapolis Valley program. She completed an enhanced skills residency training program at Dalhousie in reproductive and sexual health following her family medicine certification. Her interests outside of medicine include knitting, board games, and Italian food.